Sermons by “Chris Cook”

02.22.15 – Have It Your Way (guest speaker Chris Cook)

In the popular song “Imagine,” John Lennon wrote:

“Imagine there’s no heaven… and no religion, too…”

His words reflect the sentiment of many today – especially young adults – who believe that *religion* is the problem. They point to it as the source for the world’s divisiveness, pain & suffering… suggesting that if we only did away with religion,

“…the world will live as one.”

While some call the very notion of an almighty, supreme “God” a “fairytale,” others argue that there can’t be just one way to God. That’s too exclusive… and (they say) there are no absolute truths.

But today’s guest speaker, Chris Cook, explains why all these arguments miss the mark… and in fact, are flawed in their own logic. The historical evidence validates the man called “Jesus, the Christ.” He didn’t just claim to be the son of God; He verified it thru His teachings, His miracles, the millions who’ve paid for belief in Him with their lives and the eyewitness accounts & testimonies of those who knew Him. Even more compelling are some 300 prophecies fulfilled in His time on earth: beginning with His birth (and the place of His birth – something beyond a newborn’s control) and concluding with His death (“none of His bones would be broken” – again, something beyond His control as He hung on a cross. For while it was common practice to break one’s legs during crucifixion, that additional anguish was imposed upon the two who hung beside Jesus – but oddly, not Jesus himself. Mere coincidence?)

The conclusion is that Jesus was either a lunatic, something far worse, or He was who He claimed to be. The evidence suggests the latter.

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