Sermons on “Kings”

The Price of Rebellion – 1 & 2 Kings [8/30/2015]

God chose Israel as the instrument through which He would reveal Himself to the world. It was a position of privilege and responsibility. And when this “stiff-necked people” would repeatedly ignore God’s voice, He would deal with them – often by allowing their own enemies to bring them into subjection. But as we see today, it as much the love of a Father as it is the chastisement of a son.

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4 Kings, Your Call – 1 & 2 Kings [8/23/2015]

Little eyes are watching you – and little ears are hearing you. In today’s message, Miguel gives a Biblical example of the impact we might be having on those around us, especially in our later years. As well, there’s testimony that our God is a god who hears – and answers – when we turn from our disobedience and cry out to Him to restore us.

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Captain Ahab – 1 & 2 Kings

My God’s better than YOUR god! The nation of Israel had wandered so far from God that God pronounced a judgment against His people… thru Elijah, the prophet. 3.5 years without rain! And then, a showdown between the false god, Baal (whom the people had been worshipping) and the God of Abraham, Isaac & Israel (also known as Jacob). You can just imagine who showed up (big time!) and who didn’t show up at all (probably because he was taking a nap! – Elijah’s words, not mine!)

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What Goes Up, Must Come Down – 1 & 2 Kings

The kingdom of Solomon is on the rise. He’s gotten everything he asked God for (wisdom) and more! Riches, fame, and a magnificent palace… spacious enough to house 700 wives and 300 concubines! But with so many women, was there still room in Solomon’s heart for God? In today’s message, Miguel shows how small steps can lead us far, far away from our first love.

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Laissez Bon Temps Roulez (1 & 2 Kings)

King David concludes his reign by insuring that his son, Solomon, is heir to the throne. But before he goes to “rest with his fathers,” David has some unfinished business that he instructs Solomon to take care of. Some of it involves mercy; some of it, payback… but with these actions, Solomon’s kingdom becomes firmly established.

Then, can you imagine God asking you to tell Him what you wanted? That was God’s question to Solomon… and Solomon’s answer? It may surprise you. It had nothing to do with the winning lottery ticket!

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Riddle of the Sphinx – 1 & 2 Kings

God called King David “a man after My own heart.” Yet, David was far from sinless. And now, some of the poor choices of his youth are coming home to roost. There’s conspiracy in the kingdom and it’s led by one of David’s own sons who wants to be king. Yet, when David is reminded of a promise he made long ago, he insures that the rightful son claims the throne.

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