Sermons on “Exodus”

Life of Moses: In The Wilderness (Num 13:1 – Deut 34:12) SUN 2/28/16

In the song, “Awesome God”, Rich Mullins sings: “When He rolls up His sleeves, He ain’t just putti-on-the-ritz…” He continues, “And the Lord wasn’t joking when He kicked them out of Eden; and it wasn’t for no reason that He shed His blood…” Both lines show the serious nature of God’s holiness. Unfortunately, I think we fail to grasp that in this “age of grace” – where we know that there is always forgiveness when we fail.
Today, Miguel shows us that things were quite different in Moses’ time… a time when the world was under “the Law.” God did not take lightly the bellyaching of the Israelites. Even Moses paid dearly for His failure to obey God at the rock. Even so, God’s response to the actions of His people foreshadowed the Lamb of God – who would lead each of us to “the promised land.”

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Life of Moses: Ten Commandments (Ex 19:1-20:17) – 2/14/2016

In His foreshadowing of what is to come, God always prepares His people. For the Hebrews, it meant taking two days for purification in order to be ready for the big day: the third day! This was the day God would give The Law (Ten Commandments) to the people. As Miguel explains, it was not a small thing… nor should WE treat anything of God’s lightly.

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Life of Moses: On the Way to the Slopes (Ex 16:1-18:27)

God attempts to teach the Hebrew people that HE is their source and provider. But for all the mighty works “I Am” has shown them, they persist in complaining; even to the point of reminiscing about how good they had it in Egypt.

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Life of Moses: Ten Plagues (Ex 4:1-12:36)

How many plagues does it take to get your attention? For the Pharaoh of Egypt, apparently, 9 was not enough. Judgment was coming; but God, in His patient mercy, gave Pharaoh 9 chances to let the Hebrews go. When Pharaoh still refused to heed God’s calling, judgment did come… and it came by the very mouth of Pharaoh.

But for the Hebrews, it would be yet another clear distinction that God makes between His people and all others. Even more, God would reveal how He intended to deliver the world from the bondage of sin and death… through the one called “The Lamb of God.”

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Life of Moses: Something’s Burning (Ex 3:1-22)

For 40 years since his flight from Egypt, Moses has been living in the desert as a shepherd – being prepared by God for his eventual role as deliverer of the Hebrews. Today, he sees a bush on the mountain – burning, but without being consumed. Moses “turns aside” to see this wonder and finds himself on holy ground – face-to-face with the Almighty God… the great I Am.

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Life of Moses: Murder, She Wrote (Ex 2:11-25)

We often think of Moses as one who lived righteously before God. And in order for God to use him in the mighty way He did, Moses would have had to have measured up. Right?

Moses did measure up for the task God had for him. But, he was not an innocent man. In fact, Moses – the deliverer of the Hebrews – had blood on his hands.

Miguel gives the chilling details of how it went down… and how God still used Moses to accomplish His will.

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