Sermons on “Daniel”

Slow Train Coming (Daniel Ch 7-12) • 3/26/2017

There’s a slow training comin’… slow but true. God even details it for us in His Word.

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When Lions Roar (Daniel Ch 6) • 3/19/2017

Though Daniel had risen in favor with King Darius, there were those around him who envied his positioned. They set themselves on a way to trap Daniel… and force the King into an action he deeply regretted. Through it all, Daniel remained faithful in prayer to God… which allowed God to show Himself as a deliver of the righteous to all who were paying attention.

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Trial By Fire (Daniel Ch 3) • 3/5/2017

When we choose to align our lives with God, we become a light to the world. We also become an exposed target for all forces that hate God. His enemies become our enemies. There can be no compromise.

And if there is no hell, there was no reason for Christ to come and die on the cross.

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