Sermons on “Corinthians”

Time Is Short – Guest Joe Barnard – 12/31/2017

Guest speaker, Joe Bernard, delivers a powerful message on 1 Corinthians 7 and the “me” generation. What should our perspective, as Christians, be regarding the world and this life? Who are we living for: Jesus? Or ourselves?

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Labor of Love – 2 Corinthians Ch 12:14-13:14 • 11/27/2016

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” “Big things come in small packages.” “It’s what’s inside that counts.” – All these are popular reminders that what you see is not always what you get.

If you’ve ever eaten malted milk balls, you know they all are dressed up in that luscious, chocolaty outer coating. But when you bite into one, instead of that crunchy malted center, you find a hollow center. How disappointing. The lesson? Simple: Don’t be a malted milk ball with a hollow center.

Even Jesus reminded His disciples that Satan can “appear as an angel of light” – which is why we are told to “test the spirits” to see if they be of God. Likewise, we who claim Christianity should test ourselves to be certain we are in relationship with the Father and that our lives are testimony to that, “unless indeed you are disqualified.”

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Call of Duty – 2 Corinthians Ch 10 • 11/6/2016

With the 2016 Presidential Election this Tuesday, there is a palpable angst about the outcome… as many feel we are in a battle for the soul of our nation. However, Paul tells of a bigger battle that rages all around us: an unseen WAR in the spiritual realm. Along with Paul, both Peter and Jesus make a point about spiritual forces which, while we can’t see, do have a real effect on our lives – both in the flesh and in the spiritual.

How can mere mortals survive being caught in the crosshairs of supernatural forces which seek the destruction of all who align themselves with God? Thankfully, as believers, we have at our disposal an arsenal of spiritual weapons to employ against the enemy… AS LONG AS we stay close to the King.

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His Casa, My Casa – 2 Corinthians Ch 8-9 • 10/30/2016

Today, Miguel talks further on the distinction between salvation and rewards. Both are easier to attain than you might think. If our Father in heaven was precise enough to cover even our smallest of sins, willHe not then be as attentive to reward our simplest of deeds which honor Him?

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Arrive Alive – 2 Corinthians Ch 5 • 10/16/2016

You’re going on a trip to Eternity! Are you clothed in the salvation of Jesus? Or, will you arrive naked & afraid?

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Where’s My Blanket? – 2 Corinthians Ch 1-2 • 10/02/2016

In this letter to the church at Corinth, Paul reminds believers that we are to live in a manner appropriate for those who claim to follow Jesus. Those who do not should be disciplined, but welcomed back in love and forgiveness once they have corrected their lives. Believers are to be “the fragrance of Christ.”

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The Cornerstone – 1 Corinthians [11/15/2015]

The foundation of a building begins with its cornerstone. It’s called the cornerstone (or “key” stone) because all other stones are set in reference to it. And that will determine the position of the entire structure.

Likewise, if the foundation of your faith lacks the KEY stone, the whole of what you believe could be way off the mark. In today’s sermon, Miguel reminds us that Jesus is the cornerstone. Even more, that He died for our sins and rose again.

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