Sermons on “2 Samuel”

10.19.14 – Revolt & Justice (2 Samuel Ch 20-21)

King David can’t seem to get a break. There’s an uprising in the kingdom. Even worse, it’s led by his own son, Absalom. And though King David’s army routs the opposition, there are more uprisings to come. Each time, it is only a small remnant that remain loyal to the King… while MOST of the people follow his adversaries. Why does the majority always seem to go the wrong way ? Is this a reminder to God’s faithful that no matter how outnumbered they appear to be, they can always trust in their King to provide the victory?

John 5:43 – I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him.

John 14:17 – …that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you.

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09.21.14 – When Godly People Do Ungodly Things (2Sam Ch 11&12)

“And it happened…” 
Such is the story of David – the King of Israel; the one God called “a man after my own heart.” Yet, when David chose not to be where he was supposed to be, he found himself enticed by the “silhouette” of sin. And it happened.  
What followed was a cover-up; the death of innocents; even a murder.  God did not take David’s sin lightly and He let David know how displeased He was.  God responded with judgment not only against King David’s son, but against the whole House of David.
Translation: God does not trifle with sin.  Nor should we.

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09.14.14 – Mercy & Warfare (2 Samuel Ch 9 & 10)

What’s in a name? If you’re able to say “toy boat” – 3 times – very quickly – you may be able to handle what Miguel has in store today. It’s the story of Mephibosheth… a rather minor biblical character who’s story is a picture of our own.

For Mephibosheth, it has to do with an implicit sentence of death – and King David’s order to find this grandchild of Saul and have him brought before the king.

For us, it regards the sentence of death that comes as a result of our sin – and how we will all one day stand before the King of Kings. What will His response be? And how is it that the Creator of all things should even bother to regard us… when we are but a “dead dog” in comparison to His glorious nature?

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08.31.14 – War & Murder (2 Samuel – Ch 3 & 4)

King Saul, who had been seeking to defeat David, is now himself defeated and dead. The commander of Saul’s army has turned to David, the new King of Israel, to pledge his allegiance. But what about Joab, the faithful commander of David’s army? How will this sit with him?

And there’s another twist: before he will agree to covenant with Abner, David demands the return of his wife, Michal… daughter of the fallen Saul. The lesson here is, be careful what you ask for… and pray for.

Today, learn why God does not always give us what we ask for. Miguel also discusses how we should respond when evil seems to triumph over good. What is God’s promise and assurance for both the righteous – and the unrighteous?

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08.24.14 – When Kings Bow Down (2 Samuel – Ch 5 & 6)

Pride. Obedience. Humility. Miguel discusses what it means to worship not only in spirit, but in truth. God doesn’t only want our praise and worship; He wants our obedience. In today’s sermon, we learn the consequences that befall God’s people when they choose to do things THEIR way, rather than God’s way. Miguel also shows how King David’s heart was so focused on God, that he didn’t care what others thought. In fact, when ridiculed by one of his own wives, David professes that he will worship God even more unabashedly the next day! When we are worshipping God in spirit and truth, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It is between us and Yahweh, the Lord God of hosts.

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08.17.14 – A New Dynasty (2 Samuel – Ch 1 & 2)

Miguel is back … with bad puns – and the sequel to 1st Samuel: 2nd Samuel!

In this lesson, learn what it means to be God’s “annointed”. Why did things go so wrong for King Saul… and so right for his successor, King David? How did God ordain the dynasty of David and who has the ultimate right to that throne?

Miguel also touches on the timely subject of suicide. Miguel shares how a simple question may have caused a friend of his to rethink ending it all. What are the two beliefs that bring a person to the point of taking his/her life? What factors are commonly involved in getting a person to such a point of despair? Drugs? Alchohol? A physiological condition? Spiritual darkness?

If we believe in the supernatural nature and goodness of God and Jesus, is it such a stretch to also believe that demonic forces also exist? How do we know they exist? And what is their ultimate aim?

41 minutes – in living color!

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