Sermons on “1 Thessalonians”

Bet On It: 1 Thessalonians Ch 3 • 8/14/2016

When we “sign-up” to follow Jesus, we’re not signing up for a guaranteed life of ease and luxury. Rather, Paul tells us we are “signing-up” for the opposite – more than likely, a life of persecution. Yet, Paul – who spent much of his time imprisoned for his testimony to Christ – told his flock not to be ashamed, but rather “share” in his suffering with him. Like Jesus, Paul was always looking past the present (temperate) trials and tribulation to his eternal reward and counting it all worthwhile.

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Role Model: 1 Thessalonians Ch 1&2 • 8/7/2016

The Apostle, Paul, tells of all the struggles, hardships & persecutions he has endured in order to serve witness to our Savior, Jesus. Then, he tells us to imitate him. Any takers?

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