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Dream Beau (Book of Ruth) • 11-12-2017

Ruth and Naomi (now, wishing to be called Mara) have returned to the land of Israel. Despite all the loss in their lives, Ruth determines it is better to be busy with purpose, than sit around moping. And when Ruth catches the eye of a man named Boaz, Naomi is the first to recognize the hand of God at work. God has not forgotten her, but has been working quietly behind the scenes to accomplish is purpose.

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Nothing But A Heartache (Ruth) • 11/05/2017

The Book of Ruth introduces us to Naomi and her husband – Elimolech, who makes the unwise choice to leave the land of Israel for the pagan land of Moab. However, God still turns this mis-step to good for the purpose of His kingdom.

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In Training (Luke 9 – 11) – 9/17/2017

Poor Peter! Probably the most outspoken of Jesus’ disciples, he is typically the first to respond to any question… and is usually wrong in his answer. But today, when asked who the disciples think Jesus is, Peter responds correctly! But instead of an atta-boy, Peter receives a strict response from Jesus. Why? Tune in for the amazing answer!

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Healer (Luke 7/8) – plus helping hurricane victims

Jesus seemed hard-pressed to find real faith among the Jewish people. The two accounts we have of that kind of faith both involved gentiles (non-Jews). One was a Roman centurion at whom Jesus “marveled.” This battle-hardened soldier understood what it meant to be “under authority”… and that even Jesus was under authority.

At 29:32 (audio) and 29:40 (video), Miguel covers how we are to be not only hearers, but doers of the Word… with practical application to those impacted by hurricanes Harvey (Texas) and now, Irma (Florida) and Caribbean islands.

At 41:32 (audio) and 41:44 (video), Ernie gives insight into the needs of Global Reach – an organization that goes into these disaster areas to help provide immediate help for those affected… from food to rebuilding to relationships. He gives real-world examples of how we can be the hands and feet of Christ.

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Friends (Luke 5 & 6) • 9/3/2017

It’s the year 26 A.D. Now nearly 30 years of age, Jesus begins his ministry by selecting His inner circle – which includes some young fishermen and an unlikely tax collector.

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Opposition (Luke chap 4) – 8/27/2017

In today’s message, Luke gives an account of Jesus reading the scriptures aloud in the synagogue… as was His usual custom. But on this particular day, what Jesus claimed almost had him tossed off a cliff at the edge of town.

Can you spot Jesus’ claim in the following jumble?


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